Fans Petition for Star Of Twilight Movies' band to be included on the soundtracks.

Fans of the band 100 Monkeys, which includes none other than Twilight star, Jackson Rathbone, are petitioning the producers of the movie franchise and the associated music soundtracks to get the 100 Monkeys onto the official CD release for the movie.

Sounds like an idea to good to miss right?

One of the stars is in a band - who are awesome by the way - why not pop their music onto the soundtrack and include it in the movie??? Perfect FANdemonium tie in we reckon.

If you think this is a great idea like we do - why not sign the global petition that some 100 Monkeys and Twilight fans have set up!

You can do so here.

You can also vote for the 100 Monkeys as Best International Group in the IT LIST Awards - voting closes Jan 31.

You can also join the 100 Monkeys Group/Artist Page here.

Last modified onMonday, 16 January 2012 16:59
Robert Manser

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